BVB Insights 2023




BVB Insights: Data and Analysis on UK Private Company Multiples 2023


Format: Digital
Pages: 185 pages
Published: 30th May 2023
Price: £470 +VAT


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Robust, reliable, and well-researched UK private company transaction comparables at your fingertips.


BVB Insights: Data and Analysis on UK Private Company Multiples 2023 is an invaluable benchmarking tool that can help you better understand what multiples are being paid for UK private businesses, so you can prepare business valuations with confidence. 

Produced by industry practitioners with a combined 30 years of business valuation expertise, BVB Insights fills a knowledge gap for business valuation professionals. It puts at your finger tips robust and reliable research, providing: 


  • A highly accurate overview of transaction multiples paid for UK private companies for the year ended December 2022 across 11 high-level industry categories 
  • Deeper insights, with transactions broken down across a further circa 40 industry categories 
  • An independent view on what is driving the multiples paid
  • Key information and multiples for hundreds of transactions including Buyer Motivation 

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